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Donating real estate to Michigan Public is a great way to provide support and funding for the community programs you love. Contributions from our audience are the largest source of funding and support activities like new initiatives, long-term investigative projects, and outstanding daily reporting. Michigan Public is the public radio station licensed to the Regents of the University of Michigan. The station airs news and information content 24 hours per day, seven days per week via four FM signals; WUOM 91.7 FM in Ann Arbor/Detroit, WFUM 91.1 FM in Flint, WRSX 91.3 FM in Port Huron and WVGR 104.1 FM in Grand Rapids, and online at michiganradio.org.

Michigan Public partners with Giving Property to process real estate donations to benefit Michigan Public and the community we serve. Our program takes any property type (land, homes, commercial) in any location so long as there is equity. Even if you owe back taxes, have a mortgage balance or have deferred maintenance, it's no problem. We will pay off all loans, liens, commissions owed and all closing costs. If you have a real estate asset that is costing you money or not being utilized, donating it is a great way to give back. You may even claim a significant tax deduction!

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